The number one priority at Executive Flight Training is safety. We work to achieve that goal by instilling a “safety first” culture in our students and instructors. In fact, it’s even spelled out in our mission statement “Fly Safe. Train Smart!” To help accomplish this, we have instituted a Safety Management System (SMS). Our SMS program has two core functions. One is to collect data from our students about hazards encountered in flight that were caused by the environment, the aircraft, or the pilots. This information is collected in our app and analyzed by our safety board before it is incorporated into a training session. If the event rises to the level of a safety hazard, we scrub it of any identifying information and disseminate it to our students during class or by an opt-in email notification system. It forms the basis of our safety program and allows our instructors to discuss real time flight hazards and institute a mitigation strategy. The second function is an in-flight risk assessment for all in-aircraft training. Your instructor will input information about your training flight and our App will analyze the weather, airport, mission and safety parameters to indicate the risk factor undertaken on each training flight.

Every student is invited to join us in making corporate flying safer. Feel free to ask you instructor for details.